iPileCom - A DTH documentation and monitoring system used in a massive RD wall

Ilmi Solutions Oy’s iPileCom DTH documentation system was iPilecom in Destia Engineering Oy massive RD dam wall in Finland. The drilling work on the DTH wall was well done by the skilled personnel of Destia Engineering Oy and with efficient Llamada P105TT DTH machine it was completed on schedule. All piles were drilled using a Llamada P105TT DTH drilling machine.

The dimensions of a ditch wall are already indicated by the following figures:

  • Barn wall pile size RD700
  • RD700 piles 773 pcs
  • D778 mm rock drill alone, totaling approximately 2800 m

Because of the high quality requirements of the RD700 dam wall, an iPileCom DTH Documtation system was used to monitor the RD700 dam wall drilling. Requirement wast that all RD700 trench wall piles had to be drilled at least 3m into the rock.

iPileCom documentation system ensured that each RD700 pile had a required rock penetration of at least 3 meters into the rock. The easy-to-use iPileCom works reliably throughout whole 10 months of work.