Swedish piling contractor Hercules seeks benefits from Finnish pile driving documentation system

Swedish Hercules Grundläggning AB, and Finnish Ilmi Solutions Oy from Kuopio, Finland have signed a delivery contract about Ilmi iPileCom pile driving documentation system, Ilmi iPileCom.

– Such system will improve safety on job site. Assistant of the piling rig doesn’t have to be in the close perimeters of the hammer during driving process, says Jan-Erik Svensson from Hercules Grundläggning AB.

– Besides safety benefits, system will automatically instrument important process parameters in real time which will be presented for rig operator and are used for producing automated documentation, adds Tuukka Pasanen from Ilmi Solutions Oy.

System also contains Ilmi operated online cloud service where information can be delivered and all information can be accessed from the office. Hercules Grundläggning AB was founded in 1988 and is one of Sweden’s biggest deep foundation contractors. Company is part of NCC Group.Ilmi Solutions Oy is family owned company located in Kuopio, Finland
founded at 2001 which develops solutions for the instrumentation, verification and automated documentation of piling process. Company’s mission is to create solutions for piling process documentation which are reliable and user friendly. Ilmi iPileCom product family can be used with driven piles or down the hole hammer (DTH) piles.