Size and intelligent systems to Destia Down-the-Hole drilling

Destia Engineering Oy Finland carried out a largescale Down-The-Hole hammering job in * Helsinki Eastern Pasila new center, Tripla * . ** Destia Engineering Oy ** has successfully used the Spanish Llamada manufactured Down-The-Hole Hammering machine model P145EV , which is intended to be very demanding blind
bore. The machine delivered by ** Ilmi Solutions Oy**, which also delivers Down-The-Hole hammering documentation system Ilmi iPileCom for DTH. Pile diameters used in Tripla
worksite are up to D1220 mm steel pipes. to support the safe piling created Report Ilmi iPileCom for DTH documentation system to ensure high-quality completion of the piling.

Year 2015 pile driving construction site winner has been documented with Ilmi iPileCom

Yearly elected 2015 pile driving work site winner 2015 has been selected by YIT Rakennus Oy / Infrapalvelut. Selected construction site was East Helsinki’s new shopping center i3. The choice was affected by the construction site arrangements, cooperation with all parties, work organization and well-functioning practices such as automated documentation system, Ilmi iPileCom use.

Ilmi`s automatic pile driving documentation eased considerably the site real-time monitoring and the preparation of the necessary protocols, says senior worksite manager Henri Kiiski.

Constructed mainly on the former seabed shopping center was challenging pile driving worksite. Under the building there are piles about 40 kilometers. With a big construction site tight schedule created its own pressure mainly in the manufacture carried out in two piles machine project protocols and follow-up work. Despite the challenges, piles at
best measured more than twice the capacity of the requirements were.